About Us

Mittal Money Financial Services, a Wealth Management and Financial service provider to individuals and corporates was incorporated in the year 2007. We help you to understand “where you are and where you want to be”. This enables you to make informed decisions about how to make the most of your wealth; to invest and protect it to your advantage. We offer tailored financial advice suiting individual profiles and goals maintaining financial discipline through periodic reviews. This is done within a carefully designed process framework in order to preserve and build wealth. The defining elements of JRG are integrity, transparency and long term commitment to clients’ interest.

To become the most preferred and trusted financial partner in India by providing honest, ethical and transparent services resulting in mutual financial growth and 100% peace of mind.

“Behind the echo of every penny saved, there is a symphony of sacrifices.”
Financial planning at JRG is not just an exercise in statistical maximization. We feel and walk with you all the way, believing that with our individualistic planning and your disciplined investment efforts, no financial goal is impossible to achieve.

Core Values

Ethics                  : Our knowledge and our ethics make a potent combination, ensuring success for our Clients.

Relationship      : It is our endeavor to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust and be with you through every stage of your life.

Confidentiality   : Maintaining confidentiality of client’s information is of supreme importance.

Transparency     : Complete transparency in all our transactions is a core premise.